Motivate and energize your teams despite stressful (remote) workdays


MinQi is the B2B platform to integrate well-being and social interaction routines into the workdays of remote and hybrid teams.

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Short exercises for more physical and mental strength

Short sessions (1-8 minutes) tailored to our specific needs in a remote or hybrid work setup.


-30% stress

after 3 weeks (LMU, 2020)

Group sessions for more motivation

MinQi breaks integrated into your team meetings/workshops in two clicks and weekly live sessions (20 min) with a trainer. 

Our approach


MinQi meets the needs of employees and teams along the three pillars of employee wellbeing: Body, Mind and Social. 

This holistic approach enables us to sustainably reduce stress and increase the wellbeing, team spirit and performance of your teams.






The MinQi method was developed together with two medical doctors with the objective to ensure an effect after just a few minutes. And it works! The effectiveness of our MinQi breaks has been confirmed by a study of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University.

"Together with my team, we meet each other virtually and go into a quick meditation - or we stretch and exercise. That relaxes, brings us (even) closer together and recharges our energy."

Christiane Hähnel, 
stv. Chefredakteurin | Head of Digital, Freundin


“MinQi ist für mich der perfekte Ausgleich für meinen stressbeladenen Alltag. Ich nutze es zwischen Terminen oder wenn ich lange Zeit am Schreibtisch sitze.“

Rico Fernando

Head of HR, Ryte

"We integrated a MinQi break in our digital company kick-off to recharge our batteries in between. The mix of calm and activating exercises was particularly great. Our jamedians were totally enthusiastic!”

Aline Molz

Office & Culture Manager, Jameda

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Our mission

Empowering humans in organizations

We put people at the center of everything we do. We support people in organizations to live and work up to their own potential. And it results in a higher quality of life for each individual, but also in greater corporate success. #winwin

With MinQi, we are thereby also making a contribution to the SDGs. 

Let's empower your employees - together!

Interested, in success stories of other companies?

Breaks as a team

to enhance team spirit and positive energy

More cases coming soon :)



MinQi is the digital platform for well-being at work with sessions and training for mental and physical health of employees and teams.

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